Reflective Patches on the Pouches

When it comes to preparing my mesh kit for camping adventures, I've developed a keen interest in making my gear stand out. With the simple addition of light-reflecting stickers, I ensure that my equipment remains easily visible even in the dark. This practice has sparked an inspiring idea—why not incorporate reflective patches onto our utensil pouches? Now, you can effortlessly locate Maxi spoon or spork as well as pouches in the darkness, providing both convenience and peace of mind.

The birth of TiTank

The concept for TiTank originated during a camping trip when I accidentally overcooked pasta for dinner. The thought occurred to me: what if I had a container to store food? And thus, TiTank was born.

Please check videos below for my utilization of Maxi TiTank.

Use TiTank to make pour over coffee

Prepare lunch and pack it with TiTank

Filter water with TiTank