MyClean Coffee Maker Combo

How to brew a cup of coffee using the MyClean Coffee Maker

  • MyClean Coffee Maker

    I’ve always enjoyed a good cup of coffee during
    my outdoor adventures, prompting me to design and create the titanium Moka Pot;
    I think it is the first titanium stovetop
    espresso maker in the market. After personally testing it for a year during
    various camping and backpacking trips, I finally introduced it to the market.

  • Our Environment-Friendly Factory

    All our products are designed and produced at our own factory, and we have over 20 years of experience in crafting titanium goods.

    To avoid potential water or ground pollution, we choose
    sandblasting instead of an acid wash to create our beautiful satin finish. All
    water used is filtered and recycled for the goal of zero waste-water-emission.