It is about a rich cup of coffee at backcountry

As someone who always wanted a really good cup of coffee, instant coffee just doesn't do it for me during camping. That's why I created this portable coffee maker – to share the joy of waking up to a hot, rich brew that warms you up on those cold mornings outdoors.

Maxi titanium coffee maker

It is about sharing precious moments together

Beyond their space-saving stacking capability, dual pots are a symbol of sharing dishes with friends. This harmonious moment is indeed one of the secret ingredients for crafting unforgettable outdoor adventures together.

Dual pot

About Maxi

In the heart of the wilderness, where the scent of pine
mingles with the crackle of campfires, Maxi was born. Fueled by a passion for
adventure and a quest for the perfect outdoor gear, we embarked on many camping
trips, testing each of our products under the starlit sky. From brewing morning
coffee to savoring meals cooked over open flames, every gear bore the mark of our
personal touch, ensuring that each adventure was met with reliability and joy.