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About Maxi Life-enhance
Starting in 2015, Maxi Life-enhance is the brand focusing on improveing outdoor experience and life-style by introducing you our amazing titanium products. Our factory has over 20 years' experiecne of processing titanium. Hence, we can provide the best quality products to you.​​​

Our Products

Light and Reliable

The outstanding property of titanium makes it become one of the best materials for camping. It is light, strong and able to work at any extreme condition.
Product list
800ml Titanium Water Bottle
Swift and reliable, Archer is that wide mouth ultra-light water bottle who can help you conquer both wildness and dehydration. 
Code: Archer
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Width:   75mm
Height:   220mm
Weight:  140g
Volume:  800ml
Nimble and gorgeous, Ranger's small body hints you that you can take more important things.  
750ml Titanium Water Bottle
Code: Ranger
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Width:   72mm
Height:   220mm
Weight:  162g
Volume:  750ml
1200ml Titanium Water bottle
Large and durable, Knight is the water bottle that help you hydrate at the most extreme condition. 
Code: Knight
Width:   85mm
Height:   250mm
Weight:  200g
Volume:  1200ml
G.I. Canteen 950ml
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Width:   150mm
Height:   100mm
Weight:  162g
Volume:  950ml
Do you miss the old military style? Let's try this new titanium version.
G.I. Canteen 750ml
Width:   140mm
Height:   110mm
Weight:  144g
Volume:  750ml
Sometimes, the smaller one is better.
Armin Coffee Maker

This is a convenient percolator that can make espresso. Its name is given by using the name of my friend who inspired us about making it.

Plus, no filter paper required.

And More is Coming

These are the products so far, and more is coming. Maxi life-enhance is the brand not only focusing on improving outdoor experience but also enhancing lifestyle. We want to create the revolution for outdoor and make Maxi become the leading brand in the future.