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Titanium Pot and Pan 1100ml

Titanium Pot and Pan 1100ml

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Capacity: 1100ml


Total: 5.6oz/159g
Pot: 4oz/113g
Frying Pan: 1.6oz/46g


Total: 5' or 127mm
Pot: 4’-3/8’’ or 111mm


Pot: 4’-1/2’’ or 115mm
Frying Pan: 4’-3/8’’ or 111mm

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of canister can you store inside the 1100ml pot?

    The 1100ml pot has room inside for a 230g isobutane canister and stovehead.

    Is there a coating outside of Pot and Pan 1100ml?

    No. The pot and pan 1100ml are exclusively crafted from grade 1 titanium without any additional coating.

    Is pot and pan 1100ml dishwasher-safe?