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Titanium 420-750 Dual Pot with Bail Handle

Titanium 420-750 Dual Pot with Bail Handle

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Grade 1 Titanium
Total: 6.5oz/184g
420ml Bowl: 2.7oz/76g
750ml Pot: 3.8oz/108g
420ml Bowl: 2’-1/2’’ or 63.5mm
750ml Pot: 4’-1/3’’ or 110mm
Inner Width:
420ml Bowl: 3’-3/4’’ or 94mm
750ml Pot: 3’-3/4’’ or 93mm
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    Meet my camping essential: the dual pot. Its stacking capability is not just about saving space but also about doubling the joy of sharing moments with a friend. Compact and convenient, it's the secret ingredient for some of my most unforgettable outdoor adventures.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of canister can you store inside the 750 pot?

    The Dual pot has room inside for a 110g isobutane canister and a stove head.

    Can you put a Nalgene bottle inside to save more space?

    The 750ml pot part can be nested outside the 32oz or larger Nalgene water bottle.

    Is there a coating outside of dual pot?

    No. The dual pot is exclusively crafted from grade 1 titanium without any additional coating.

    Are dual pots dishwasher-safe?


    Does the flat lid fit both pot and bowl?