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MyClean Coffee Maker Max, 14oz Titanium Moka Pot

MyClean Coffee Maker Max, 14oz Titanium Moka Pot

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Tech Specs

Material: Grade 1 Titanium

Capacity: 14oz

Weight: 300g

Height: 152mm

Width: 105mm

For more information, please check the Frequently Asked Question section below.

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For someone who loves camping like me, nothing beats a rich cup of coffee shared with friends in the backcountry. That's why I created this larger version coffee maker. I hope my every outdoor adventure is filled with rich coffee and memorable moments.

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    Backpack friendly Weight

    A MyClean Coffee Maker Max weighs about 300g.

    Easy-to-Carry Dimension

    Capable of brewing 14 oz of coffee per brew, this coffee maker measures 6 inches (152mm) in height and 4.14 inches (105mm) in width.

    Compatible with all Stovetops

    It works on all major stovetops, including wood stove, alcohol stove, and propane stove. The only exception is the induction cooktop.

    Easy to clean

    This coffee maker is dishwasher-safe. You can also take it apart and simply rinse all parts.

    • Brewing Instruction

      Fill the bottom chamber with water, add ground coffee between two mesh filters, screw the top cup on tightly, and then put it on stovetop. Your coffee will be ready in minutes. It can produce 14oz of coffee in each brew.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What exactly is a Moka Pot?

    The Moka pot is a unique design for coffee brewing. By heating the water sealed in the bottom chamber, the water reaches a higher temperature and pressure than in normal conditions. When the water boils, the steam accumulated in the bottom will force the water through the funnel, the coffee bed, and the pipe in the upper chamber.

    Can I drink directly from MyClean Coffee Maker?

    You can drink from the coffee maker directly once the coffee maker cools down.

    What is the size of the coffee maker Max?

    The height of the coffee maker is 6 inches (152mm), and the width of the coffee maker at the bottom is 4.12 inches (105mm).

    What is the amount of ground coffee required for each brew?

    It is up to your preference. I like to put roughly 20g of ground coffee to get a rich flavorful taste. It's important to note that the coffee powder should not be packed too tightly, otherwise it will cause excessive resistance at the funnel, preventing the coffee from brewing.

    Is this coffee maker dishwasher-safe?


    Are there non-titanium part in the coffee maker?

    The gasket and two mesh filters are not titanium. We picked food-grade silicone for the gasket and food-grade 304 stainless steel for filters.

    Why is the flow of coffee pumped from the top slow sometimes?

    • One reason could be that the ground coffee used is too fine or densely packed, causing high resistance at the funnel. It's recommended to use coarse ground coffee in such cases.

    • Another reason might be that the heat produced by the heat source is insufficient to generate enough pressure at the bottom. It's recommended to use a stove with greater power.

    Why are there some water left in the bottom chamber after each brewing?

    The residual water left in the bottom chamber after brewing serves as a safety measure to prevent the fire source from overheating the coffee maker. This water acts as a barrier, absorbing excess heat and regulating the temperature inside the device. It ensures the safe operation of the coffee maker and reduces the risk of hazards.